Your spinning journey begins with a single pedal stroke.


Step onto the spin bike, put your hands on the handlebars and sit down in the saddle. Every aspect of your body's relationship to a high-performance racing bicycle has been integrated into the fully adjustable spin bike. Slide your feet into the clips and begin to pedal. A customized fit, sleek racing bike geometry, fixed gear drive and true cycling componentry deliver one of the smoothest, safest rides available.


The spinning workout schedules are designed in accordance to heartbeat based exercise guidelines, a revolution in how health and fitness are viewed and taught. This exciting athletic training program utilizes motivation, mental training techniques and the most thoroughly tested cycling and instructional techniques available.


The spinning program welcomes participants of all fitness levels, whether you are a beginner or a skilled athlete. Both start at the same place and successfully complete a 40 to 50 minute workout together.


Welcome to the world of Heart rate based training.


The appliance of science – Beat to beat variability, ensures exercising at the right intensity.


The 94.7 and Argus road race indoor cycling programs are designed for the competitive cyclist. Riding your own racer on a TAXC indoor trainer, in collaboration with a Suunto Pro Team System, measuring heartbeat. It’s not just results, it’s personal.Inspiring moves - Le Cycle Shoppe offer personalized service for our members


A dose of kettlebell training is just the thing to jar a complacent body out of rat, using this ancient Russian fitness equipment, resurrecting old exercise philosophies and obtaining significant gains in cardio conditioning, muscle tone and strength as a result.


Kettlebells are rustic and raw and are lifted and swing and tossed in specific patterns to produce specific muscular and cardiovascular results.


We recommend starting training with endurance improving, low impact exercises where movements are easy and intensity is based on the client’s physical condition. Physical readiness is assessed and takes priority when clients engage in the introduction to group exercise classes wherebasic skills and form are taught. Combo classes maintain a balance between cardiovascular conditioning and basic strength training. Expect exposure to train on the static bike and experience loading techniques with all kinds of bells as well as doing stabilization balls and resistance bands.


The combo classes addresses the major components of general wellness as required in today’s sedentary society. Group exercise includes cardio/strength workouts. In our “Toning Zone” ,expect a range of conditioning exercises with the conventional free weights, balls and bands as well as thee unconventional kettlebell basics. Discover how body weight training work the core muscles to efficiently and effectively develop core stability and strength. Spinning sessions on the static Spinnbike offers you all the necessary cardio-respiratory training.


For any person, whether an athlete or not, a regular stretching routine will bring major beneficial changes in the neuromuscular-tendon units. We apply different types of stretching techniques for different personal needs, including tendon rehabilitation.


As certified JSSA service provider, we offer the full body stretch workout with flex bands.


We conquer quality of life and offer our elderly citizens the opportunity to engage in physical activity in our training Centre. Dedicated time slots offer cardiovascular and strength conditioning under professional supervision. Our exercise prescription for the older individual uses the latest exercise recommendations and research offered by the exclusive “Exercise is Medicine” guidelines.


Each program is designed to keep you motivated, committed and educated to guard against inactivity. The low to moderate impact activity programs allows the individual to do riding on stationary indoor bike as well as engage in strength conditioning with resistance bands and free weights. The combination classes offer endless advantages towards general wellness conditioning and cardiovascular health.


A popular way to stay fit and get rid of frustration. Perform all the movements of boxing into exercise routines. It offers excellent cardiovascular workouts and stress relief whether you punch the bag, dance the dance or sip the rope to the rhythm of bumping music, the health benefits are great.

Changes are good that you’ll soon book a session and experience the excitement of a personal sparring routine


Circuit Training for any level of fitness. Typically these workouts combine 4 to 6 exercise stations including:


  • Resistance Bands

  • TRX

  • Battle Ropes

  • Kettlebells

  • Boxing bay

  • Rebound

  • Free weights 

  • Stability Ball

  • Spin bike

  • Barbells

  • BOSU Ball

  • Body Weight

  • Speed Ladder

  • Step 

Senior Citizens
Indoor Cycling
Wellness Conditioning