class schedule

Class and consultation times.
2022 to be confirmed.

Spinning ® 

Official Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning ® Program


Indoor Cycling 

Own Bicycle On a Static TACX Trainer

*August to March - 94.7 and Argus Build-up Only



IKFF Russian Style

*Replaced by Indoor Cycling - August to March


Wellness Conditioning

Combination of Cardio & Strength


Senior Citizens

Combination of Cardio, Strength, Flexibility & Conditioning



Resistance Band Stretching Program


Protocol Testing

Instore Bookings Only


Personal Consultations

Instore Bookings Only


Please Note

More information available on request.

Classes and one-on-one sessions must be booked and paid for in advance.

Strictly no walk-in's.

In-store enquiries are welcome.