A heart rate monitor is an excellent training tool. It provides you with reliable information about how hard your respiratory and cardiovascular systems are working. It acts just like a tachometer for your body.


Your heart rate is a very individual characteristic. During a workout your heart rate is a very reliable indicator of your personal performance and condition. All intensity zones have their own important role to play in developing your fitness level and achieving better results.


Heart rate monitor readings are a very common topic for discussion between fitness enthusiasts, therefore it is a good idea to know the basic concept about heart rate monitoring and their significance.


Submaximal protocol testing is done to establish your personal training zones and improve training efficiency in many ways. All cardiovascular fitness protocol tests are automated and performed on a Computrainer Ergocycle in a controlled environment.

body composition analysis

One of the roles of the modern Fitness Professionals is to help their clients have a more realistic and less judgemental view of their own bodies. To assess body composition, the structural components of the body muscle, bone, fat and water content are measured.


Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (B.I.A) is used as it provides an accurate method for trending change and serves as an educational tool for the client. It's unique graphical presentations provide information on specific measurements in an educational format to explain the importance of each of the measurements. This will emphasise the importance of each measurement, thus enhancing subject motivation.


The Bodystat body manager program provides a comprehensive report including a trend report, history graph and cardiac risk analysis. The weight and activity manager allows the trainer to develop a series of exercises in order to determine the amount of kilocalories these will burn. This adjustment may then be incorporated into the clients own diet program. Goal weight and projected targets from the wide selection of activities may be set.


Alternative equations are available for adults, children, geriatrics and competitive athletes. The amount of lean muscle mass is of primary importance. Muscle is the "engine" of the body. Body fat is just stored fuel. A statistically high percentage of the global population are moderately obese or diagnosable as clinical obese.  Obesity is largely the forerunner of serious chronic illnesses.

bicycle fitment

One of the most important things after buying a bicycle, especially for those who ride consistently, is to have the proper fit. Improper pedal position or saddle height leads to knee and hip problems and discourages further riding. Optimal performance will exclude you if your bike is not set up correctly.


Different styles of fit work with sometimes complementary and sometimes competing objectives of comfort, speed, power, and efficiency. Creating a great fit involves creating priorities among these objectives and knowing yourself. All bikes should fit comfortably, but this priority can be weighed against other objectives.


Life has significant stages of development that include transitions from child to adolescent, to adult, and then to senior, resulting in changed capabilities. Training, competition, and recovery programs should be based on the stage of the participant’s capability, rather than chronological age.

For optimal development, sports programs must be designed for the stage of development and gender of the participant. Every child is an athlete and there are sensitive periods during which there is an accelerated adaptation to training during pre-puberty, puberty, and early post-puberty. 

A variety of developmental, physical, mental, cognitive, and emotional factors affect the planning of optimal training, competition, and recovery programs. Providing guidance through the complete spectrum of Long-Term Athlete Development stages of sport and physical activity will result in increased participation and performance.

Mastery in sport develops over time, through participation in quality physical activity programs.

Long-Term Athlete Development is participant/athlete-centered, coach-led, taking into account the demands of home, organized sport, community recreation, and school.

Quality sport and physical activity, combined with proper lifestyle, result in better health, disease prevention, enhanced learning, enjoyment, and social interaction; leading to improved wellness.


Ridged strapping tapes are used to strap and immobilise injured joints. We use the world’s best-known brands of quality professional tapes

Taping and strapping have become essential in the prevention and treatment of sports injuries and zinc oxide taping is arguably the most important method of protecting players from injury.

The most visible use can be seen on the professional rugby field. It is commonplace to see heavily taped knees, elbows, and thumbs. However, an ankle sprain is the most commonly occurring sports injury.


Most sporting injuries affect the musculoskeletal system, bones, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and tendons. The treatment of such injuries belongs to the realm of orthopedic surgeons and sports exercise medicine doctors, who are sports physicians and surgeons with specialist knowledge in this field.

Down the hierarchy of stages to complete rehabilitation, further advice on complementary therapies offered by health care professionals may be considered to help speed up recovery

The rehabilitation program aims to establish proper joint stability before strength work may be introduced.

The uses of Therabands are introduced in order to achieve stability by means of tendon and ligament conditioning. The bands provide variable isotonic resistance in a variety of settings and are found to be highly beneficial to speed up successful recovery.


“ What if there was one prescription that could prevent and treat dozens of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity… Would you prescribe it to your patients “

 –  Robert E.Sallis .MD.FACSM.EIM Global Center Chairman


EIM is a global initiative expanding the reach of health care. The EIM solution begins with the engagement of Healthcare Providers sending at-risk populations to an EIM Network Fitness Professional.

EIM Professionals are trained and accredited to deliver multi-faceted physical activity as well as lifestyle modification strategies in support of self-management programs.

Quantified physical activity intervention programs are structured to prevent and manage non –communicable chronic diseases, combat obesity and sedentary lifestyles.

Armed with leading-edge technology, EIM Professionals effectively deliver PA programs, promote and track participation, conduct assessments and report measurable individual and aggregate outcomes to enable educated decisions concerning participation in physical activity programs.


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